GPS Fast

Perfect tracking solution.


GPS Fast provides an excellent vehicle tracking system that lets you pinpoint the location of your vehicles 24/7. Our solutions help prevent vehicle theft and maximise returns by economising vehicle usage.


Not sure in which site your equipment is currently deployed? Don’t worry. With our asset tacking solutions you will have full control over your asset and find if its being utilized to its full potential.

Having difficulty in tracking your Vehicles/Assets?

Join us today to be better protected and maximize gains from your assets. Our solutions have been designed and developed with our customers in mind. We provide a variety of solutions that help you track your vehicles and assets on a real time basis 24/7. With years of experience we rank among the best in terms of product as well as service.


“I can track my trucks from anywhere in the world. Thanks to GPSFast.”

  -Truck Owner and Driver David Newport

“GPSFast is the best of any tracking needs, be it a car , van or even a trailer.Excellent service.”

  -Trucker Alex Jo

“GPSFast is the only company i would trust. Advanced solutions helps me keep track of my assets...”

   -Trucking Company owner Nicolas Adam